30 Minute Challenge – Make-up Organization


Tired of searching for that perfect color eyeshadow or lipstick when your running late?  Can’t find your eyelash curler?  Today we will end the morning madness with  this weeks 30 minute challenge  to corral and organize your make-up collection.

Step #1 – Gather all your make-up into one location/pile

Step #2 –  Discard all expires and no longer used items

Step #3 – Sort and categorize your make-up : Foundation, Lid sticks/gloss, blush, Eye shadows, brushes  etc.

Step #4 – Space:   Determine how much space each category will need  to  help you determine the best way to contain your make up and where you are going to store it.

Step #5 – Storage: Decide on what type of storage containers you want to use:  here are a few ideas

– Individual clear make-up bags for each category

– Plastic drawer baskets found at big box stores

– Decorative baskets to leave on your bathroom counter

– Over the door make-up organizers are also great for on the go

– Over the door shoe hangers make great make-up organizers with the many pockets to sort your makeup into

–  Cosmetic holders can be found online at Amazon ( see below for our favorites)

Step #6 – Enjoy the ability to now find the perfect eyeshadow or lip color when you are getting ready to head out the door.

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