One Dozen Uses for a Visa Prepaid card

visaBy: Trisha Novotny

The Visa Prepaid card is for more then just gift giving. It’s the card that can help make those 2013 budget goals a reality. Here are one dozen ways to use a Visa Prepaid card for monthly budgeting, managing along with protecting your money.

Travel – When traveling the use of a Visa Prepaid card can serve two purposes. One, it protects your cash and credit if lost or stolen.  You can quickly recover your funds by contacting the issuing bank.  Secondly, it limits your overspending while on vacation.  Load your card with your budgeted amount to avoid overspending.

Teenagers – Use a Visa Prepaid card to begin teaching teenagers money management. Give them a monthly budget to cover their expenses including gas, clothing and personal items.

College students –The Visa Prepaid card gives you the ability to transfer and deposit funds directly onto your students Visa Prepaid card while they are living in another city.  Your college students can budget their monthly spending and you can sleep at night knowing they have money to fill up their gas tank and buy a hamburger

Dinning out – Deposit your designated monthly dinning out budget onto a Visa Prepaid card so that you can enjoy a date night out without feeling like you are dipping into the family budget.

Holiday shopping –End the overspending, over giving and over buying during the holidays. Keep control of your holiday shopping budget by placing your budgeted amount on a Visa Prepaid card.

Cashless –No need to carry a lot of money or your actual credit cards on a daily basis. Protect them from being stolen or lost by using a Visa Prepaid card. This option allows you the ability to limit how much money you carry with you and if stolen it can quickly be replaced.

Emergency money –Place a limited amount of money on a Visa Prepaid card and keep it hidden in your car for emergency use only, like if you are in need of gas but forgot your wallet at home.

Online shopping – End the online buying fear that once you type in your credit card information it will be stolen and used elsewhere.  When you use a Visa Prepaid card you can limit the balance of the card so others cannot go on a spending frenzy that could possibly happen when you use your higher limit credit cards online.

Rainy day fun – Deposit your rainy day fun money onto a Visa Prepaid card that is designated for Rainy day fun. This could include a family day out to the fair, movies, bowling, a date night with your husband or purchasing that wanted item.

Allowance – Giving kids cash can mean lost or misplaced cash,but when you use a Visa Prepaid card as their allowance holder you can add their weekly or monthly allowance to it, ending the potential of lost cash.

Monthly budget –When you have full access to your bank account it is hard keep to a monthly budget. Limit your access by placing your monthly budget for groceries, gas and other expenses on a Visa Prepaid card that keeps you from overspending your monthly budget.

Gifts for others – Not only do we enjoy using a Visa Prepaid card, but they also they make the perfect gift to give by allowing the recipient to choose their own gift.

How do you use a Visa Prepaid card?


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