My Family Meal Planner

Eliminating the Question: “What’s for Dinner?” with My Family Meal Planner


With the  My Family Meal Planners you can easilsy plan out 4 quick and simple meals per week for an entire year. All the recipes are included in the meal planner and all the weekly grocery lists. There is also a magnetic pre-printed grocery list notepad! All you will need to do is tear off a list, cross out what you already have and head to the store!

My Family Meal Planners make a great gift! My Family Meal Planners have simplified grocery shopping and have answered the question of “What’s for dinner?” Each week includes one crock pot meal for the busy night!

My Family Meal Planner recipes are good recipes that do not have a lot of ingredients and ingredients that can be found at your local grocery store, even small stores. You also don’t have to be a chef to make the meals. It is unique because there is no membership fee. You purchase your meal planner and you have everything you need for an entire year. Plus you can reuse it again the next year!

There are many different meal planners available:

My Family Meal Planner: Great family friendly recipes! Serves 4-6 people, crock pot meal every week and also includes some dessert recipes.

My Family Meal Planner #2: Family friendly recipes including sides, breakfast and dessert recipes. Also includes one crock pot meal every week and serves 4-6 people. All recipes are different from the recipes in My Family Meal Planner 1.

Meal Planner for 2: Meals planned with 2 people in mind! This meal planner is the same as the My Family Meal Planner #2 except that it only serves 2 people.

My Family Meal Planner Light: Every Meal has Less than 500 Calories! This meal planner serves 4-6 people and has all the nutritional information for every meal and recipe. Most meals meat the American Heart Association guidelines for a heart healthy meal/recipe and most are diabetic friendly with less than 4 carb choices. If you are on a weight loss plan that counts points, they are already figured for each meal/recipe.

My Family Meal Planner Crock Pot Only: This meal planner is perfect for the very busy cook and for freezer crock pot cooking! Every meal is made in your crock pot! Serves 4-6 people.

My Family Meal Planner Meat Optional: Make your meal with or without meat! Nutritional analysis for each recipe is also included. Most meals are heart healthy and a lot are diabetic friendly too. Serves 4-6 people.

My Kids Meal Planner: Breakfast, lunch snack and a daily activity for 5 weeks.  All the recipes and grocery lists are included.

My Lunchbox Meal Planner: 5 weeks of hot and cold lunch for your school aged child.

My Family Meal Planner on the Grill: 4 grilling recipes per week for 2 months.  Includes sides and dessert recipes.


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Go to to order your My Family Meal Planner today.

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