Mom Must Have: Magnetic Ironing Mat

matMom Must Have Product:  What are your must have mom products?  you know the ones you can’t live without, the ones that help to simplify your mom world.  I know I have discovered many mom must have products during my mom journey.  Today I found one I just could not pass up
– A Magnetic Ironing mat that you can place right on top of your washer or drier for those quick touch ups.

Yes, I’m a bit of an ironing aholic, one who loves everything ironed and hanging neatly in the closet so this little product will be just perfect for those days when I just have a few items to iron or an item needs to be touched up.

How about you are you an ironing aholic or even one who just once in a while needs to  iron something but dreads pulling out the big clunky ironing board?  Then you to will love this Magnetic ironing mat.

The Magnetic ironing mat for touch-ups transforms any metallic surface into an instant ironing board. Place the wide magnetic, heat resistant, quilted pad over a washer, dryer or metal surface and press clothes immediately. Fold, roll or hang when done. Great for homes, apartments, dorms and RVs. Polyester, cotton, 32 1/2 x 19 1/4″.

You can purchase it from Amazon today!

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