Four Leaf Clover Paper Craft

Written by Jodi at Meaningful Mama
Earlier this I did a simple four leaf clover paper craft. I wanted to do another that was a bit 
more unique and intricate. It’s not much more challenging, but it leaves quite a beautiful impact. This clover was inspired by a pumpkin craft I did back in the fall. I figured we could surely take the concept of the pumpkin and turn it into a heart shape, and I was correct. I then figured we could combine four of those hearts together to make a clover. It worked. 

The first thing you need to do is cut your strips. They are all 1″ wide, and you will need (2) 11″, (2) 9″, (2) 7″ and (1) 5″. That is just for one of the leaves, so you will actually need four times that amount. 

The next step is to staple the papers together. You want to sandwich them in this order 11″, 9″, 7″, 5″, 7″, 9″ and 11″. I thought it was a good activity to have my kids work on stacking them together with just verbal instructions. They then stapled them at one end. There were so many papers stacked together that I really needed to help put pressure on the stapler. 

The next step is to take one of the sides (the 11″, 9″ and 7″ strips) and make sure all the ends are lined up together. Flip them around, sandwiching them to the 5″ strip and staple them together. Do the same with the other side.

You have now created one of the leaves. You need to make four of these.

I worked with the girls to staple two of them together. Then, we stapled the other two together. I was going to put them all four in a row, but I found it looked the best when I put the two between the other two, stapled slightly higher. It is a hard tutorial to explain verbally, so I really hope the pictures give enough guidance.

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