Try, Try Again To Read The Bible Through With My Kids


That is my quote for the year for all the things I wanted to begin and /or accomplish in 2012. I am reminding myself to not give up too easily and that persistence will pay off in the end. So, as a new year begins so does new opportunities in many areas of my life and my families life.

I had BIG goals last year of reading through the bible with my two youngest children, and as my #5 child would say we had a complete “EPIC failure” meaning it did not happen. Again I quote Thomas H Palmer :”IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SUCCEED, TRY, TRY AGAIN”

Last year when I wrote about this same topic (Reading the Bible through with your kids). I specifically said “ I would like to tell you that I am committing to reading the Bible each morning or evening but that would not be realistic and only create mommy guilt as we all know some days can get crazy and we are just happy if we get them tucked into bed on time. However that doesn’t mean we don’t set goals and begin accomplishing them as we place priority on each goal.” and it is still true today but again that doesn’t mean we don’t place priority on our goal and try once again as we begin 2013.

So, here I go ready to Try, Try again and begin to accomplish my goal of reading the bible through with my boys. Will you join me?

To begin accomplishing my goal of reading the bible through with my boys I know I will need a a schedule that will guide me in our daily readings – which chapters to read and how many to read. I found a simple schedule to follow that The Teaching Home Magazine created to print for free – it has the following features

  • Start any month.
  • Read 6 days a week (allows for church on Sunday).
  • Read 4 weeks per month (24 days per month).
Week 1 _______________
Gen. 1-4Ps. 1Matt. 1
Gen. 5-9Prov. 1:1-7Matt. 2
Gen. 10-14Ps. 2Matt. 3

Column 1: Complete Bible (minus Psalms and Proverbs)
Column 2: Psalms and Proverbs
Column 3: Optional Second Reading of New Testament

These selections may be combined in different ways. For example:
You may want to do one or two family readings of Columns 1 and 2 and use Column 3 for private or school reading.
Alternatively, if you have very young children, you may want to do Columns 2 and 3 for your family reading and Column 1 for your private reading.

Get The Teaching Home’s complete Bible-reading schedule by clicking here. Then choose the months you want to print out from their site on the left hand column. You can also read more about reading through the bible on The Teaching Home Magazine website.

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