The Book “2013” – What will your story be?

blankTomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.

–  Brad Paisley

When I read this quote it occurred to me that a new year was like a book and each day is a new page in the story of my/your life.  2013 is here, a new year.  Maybe for you it’s a new beginning that is needed- you were ready to see 2012 come to an end, maybe 2013 is an adventure waiting to happen for you.

Don’t let the days slip away in 2013 without filling each day with new stories of your life both personally and with your family, by setting goals, making new commitments, discovering opportunities and living each day to the fullest.  We only get one opportunity to live each day LIVE IT  with a story.

We are already 20 days into the new year – have you set any goals for 2013 or begun working on them?  If not it is never to late to begin your 2013 book of stories (goals). Start today and step out in 2013 to fill your book with new goals and dreams.

As our family steps out this year and has begun the process of preparing to leave on a five month adventure with YWAM (Youth With A mission) we to are beginning our new book in 2013 with plenty of to do’s and goals to accomplish before we leave from organizing my husbands business affairs to finalizing all the details in leaving our three college age kids behind from transferring one to a new college, moving two back home from college, helping in the decision making of their summer plans. Then the task of a new budget as I’m sure you can imagine stopping your life for five  months also means getting creative in the area of finances, and of course  there is the long to do list of preparing our home, packing and getting ready to say good-bye to our daily life and hello to our new adventure.  Our story has begun for 2013.

As we begin preparing and looking towards our departure date we are excited  to see where God will take us and humbled that he has opened doors to this opportunity and did I mention we are also waiting in anticipation as to what our future holds? One of our goals in setting out on this five month adventure is to take time away from our crazy life and seek where God is calling us next – will it be in world missions? will it be back to the local church ? what passion and dreams will God give us? we are ready to begin filling our empty pages in 2013 with God stories.

The ending to my/your story in 2013 is yet to be written how will yours end? Remember  “We only get one opportunity to live each day LIVE IT  with a story” .


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