Standing With You – A Song For Newtown, CT – Sandy Hook

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Our children have returned to school, our lives have returned to busy schedules and to do lists ,   but still there is a piece of us that will never return, the piece of our heart that will  never forget December 14, 2012.  The day many look back on as an ordinary day, until one individual walked into a place that our children  referred to as a safe place, a place to learn, a place to build friendships, a place they would grow taller and wiser over the years in .  It only took one person and a handful of minutes to change all that on December 14, 2012.  The day tragedy struck Newtown, CT. The day 26 lives were taken at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The day 26 families lives would never return to normal,  they  now wake up everyday feeling the pain, the loss, the fear, their homes and lives forever changed that day.

Our children will look back on it as the day that safe place became unsafe in their mind, now a place some fear, a place that has lost our confidence,  a place that makes our hearts tremble as we drive away each day leaving our children, praying they will be safe. My life , your life, our children’s lives ,the 26 families lives  have changed – and though we may never meet we feel connected in the loss.

When song writer John Ciambriello sat watching the news , hearing of the Sandy Hook  tragedy that took place close to his home he began to write a song “Standing With You”   he went on to say this song  is to our  friends in Newtown, CT… This song is a message of love from “us”, your neighbors. We’re all around you. We are your friends and your family… We just haven’t met you yet. We’ll be here today and tomorrow…

Now  created into a music video  to share across the country to remind the city of Newtown CT , that we may not know them,  yet we are Standing with them through their loss and their pain.

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