Reading The Bible In 90 days Challenge and Resources

Have you ever wondered can I really read the Bible in 90 days? I have!

90 daysLast year a couple of my girlfriends began their 9o day journey of reading the bible through – at first I thought “are they crazy, 90 days”  then it began to inspire me what a great challenge to set  a daily  time aside for  90 days to focus on the entire bible.

Why 90 days verse a year or longer ?  Because most people can commit and do something for 90 days and stick with it – for example  give a person the option to diet for three months or twelve. Which is more likely to happen?

Just like a diet it takes a commitment to spend time each day for 90 days to be able to accomplish the goal of reading the entire are you ready for the challenge?  I am!  Set a day/goal and begin your daily readings for 90 days.

Below are resources that will help you to begin your own 90 day journey:


One Page Printable Schedule

A one page  printable pdf file  that you can use as a daily check off list /schedule to read the Bible in 90 Days.  This  list/schedule does not require the use of a  “90 Days Thin-Line” Bible.  You can use any bible

Click 90 Day .pdf File  for your free one page  printable list /schedule from Zondervan.


Click here for a second version/option of a one page printable schedule to reading the bible in 90 days


Listen While You Read The Bible in 90 Days

Listening to the Word while you read it is a great  experience. Click here to go to Bible In 90 Days where you can register and then begin using their audio daily readings as you read The Bible in 90 Days.

While you are visiting the site Bible in 90 days you might want to also check out  their  90 Days is a Bible READING curriculum that you can use to begin a group in your own home church. It helps people read attentively the entire Bible — from cover to cover  in 90 day. Click here to go to Bible in 90 days.


10 Tips To Reading The Bible in 90 Days

When researching the idea of reading the bible through in 90 days I came across 10 tips from My Quiet Corner that are great motivators.

For example Tip one is:

1.  Read in story form, not study form:  This was a new approach for me.  Do not stop to study, compare or linger on any given section.  Instead, underline, highlight, or take quick notes of what you want to come back to.

Click here to read the additional 9 tips from My Quiet Corner as you begin reading the bible through in 90 days.


The Bible in 90 Days: Cover to Cover in 12 Pages a Day

When I study the Bible, I prepare myself to talk to others. ‘When I read the Bible, God talks to me.’ —D. L. Moody

Just 12 Pages a Day That’s all it takes to read the Bible in ninety days. It’s easier than you thought! Once you break it down into bite-sized pieces, what may have seemed to be a formidable challenge becomes doable and enjoyable.


* Start and end markers help you know where to begin each day’s reading. *

* Easy to carry. Thinline format transports easily in your briefcase or purse—and looks great!

* New International Version—today’s most read, most trusted Bible translation.


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