Quick Valentine Breakfast

heartNo time in the morning for a big Valentine celebration -Don’t panic you can whip up our quick Valentines Day breakfast menu in minutes for the early morning surprise your kids will remember all day long.





Quaker Whole Hearts cereal 

– it is similar to  Cheerios and your kids will love the heart shapes on Valentines day.




fruit_heartsHeart shaped fruit kabobs

Create your kabobs by using a heart cookie cutter, assorted melons and skewer sticks. Serve with a yogurt dip.






Simple Strawberry smoothie

– from A Spicy Perspective


3 cups frozen strawberries
1 1/2 cups milk (any variety)
1/3 cup strawberry jam


Place the frozen strawberries, strawberry jam and milk in the blender.

Place the lid over the top.

Puree until smooth.

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