Living Reckless in 2013 – My Word For The Year

reckless2013 The year of Reckless living – It is my one little word for the year.

Each year I choose  one little word to keep myself , my goals, my family and that which God calls me to do that year in focus.

This year I have chosen RECKLESS not the kind of reckless you think when  a person who is going about life uncaring or one who does not think before they act.  I’m talking about living a life of being RECKLESS for God.  Living a life of not caring what the world thinks of me when it comes to living it for God, not worried about the things in life that don’t matter, being reckless in saying yes to God, no longer playing it safe, walking in boldness not fear for what 2013 will bring, having that fearless kind of faith, that is what I mean by living a life of being RECKLESS in 2013.

Why have I chosen this word – When I sat listening to Jeremy Camps song Reckless I thought that is the way I want to live my life in 2013 . Our family will begin a new journey this year of discovering Gods future and plans for us,  we will be packing up and heading to Mexico for 5 months to attend a YWAM (Youth with a Mission)  training school while our two boys attend a Foundation school ( training them as well)  and our three older children  will remain in their universities studying for their futures as well.

I see this new chapter in my life  as the  beginning of living my life Reckless for God with our new adventure  ahead of us,  the anticipation of where it will lead and of course the fear of the unknow,  but isn’t that part of living reckless not knowing what is ahead placing trust in God to lead and direct our lives?

Author Mark Batterson once said “We need people who are more afraid of missing opportunities than making mistakes. People who dare to dream the unthinkable and attempt the impossible” I would sum that up by saying we need more people to live Reckless for God .

My quote for 2013 is “I would gladly live out of a suitcase if it meant I could influence the world for Jesus” – Trisha

Maybe  I’ll be re-thinking those words  as I pack those suitcases and head into Mexico to become a Reckless influencer, but its a risk worth taking – so get ready to follow my Reckless life in 2013

RECKLESS – Jeremy Camp

Everytime I try to play it safe
Holding back just a little part of me
I find myself forgetting what
I say that I believe
The promise of Your Word
Is all I need
I’ll lay my life down
And give it up
I’ll give it up

I wanna be reckless
Cause You are endless
I wanna be shameless
And shout Your greatness
I will not be afraid
To surrender my way
And follow who You are
I wanna be reckless, reckless

I will lose my life
And just let go
Because I know this world is not my home
With fearless faith
I won’t be moved
Unshakeable inside Your truth
You laid Your life down
And gave it up
So I’ll give it up


I won’t waste any more time
My life’s Yours it is not mine
Use me Lord no matter what’s at stake

Publishing: 2012 Stolen Pride Music/Birdwing Music/Thirsty Moon River Publishing(ASCAP)/Dodd Music/Seven Peaks Music(ASCAP)
Writers: Jeremy Camp, Andy Dodd

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