Life Changing Distractions

It can happen in a blink of the eye  – we get distracted, the cell phone rings, a text comes thru, we look at the passengers in our car, we reach across the car for an item or even poor road conditions from ice to snow can create us to loose control of our vehicles resulting in a life changing accident.

Yes, there are times these accidents are out of our control but there are plenty of times that I will admit I have been distracted and could easily have put myself or others in danger of a life changing situation.

After watching the below video it has been etched into my mind how quickly life can change and how I need to stay focused on my driving not being distracted or careless.

If you have teens I encourage you to have them take 1 minute and watch this You Tube video with you and remind them how quickly their world can change by a simple distraction while driving.

I decided to share this with our readers because of the impact it has had on me – every day when I get behind the wheel of my car I think of the importance of giving my driving my full attention and focus.

Watch it now :

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