Jesus Loves You Snow Much – Family Service Project

One of my 2013 goals is to continue teaching my kids to serve, give and have compassion for those in need by doing a service project each month.

This month I found the perfect winter one “Jesus Loves You Snow Much”  from Happy Home Fairy a snack with a sweet note on it to hand out to those you come across in need – it’s not much but it is something and a way to teach your kids to give to those in need.  Now the next time you come across a homeless person standing on a street corner you are prepared to hand them a snack.

Head over to your  local warehouse store and buy a big big box of Granola bars then attach the free “Jesus Loves you Snow Much” Tag to each one them, then place a stash of them in your car.


Click here for free Jesus Loves You Snow Much printables from Happy Home Fairy


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