Indoor S’mores Making Kit For Valentines Day

Guest Post by: Lindsey Siebert

I am so excited to share with you what we will be giving our cousins for Valentine’s Day this year!  We have made them each an Indoor S’mores Making Kit!  I came up with my idea after I saw this pin on Pinterest.  This would be a great gift to give to your own kids too.


I found all my items at Walmart and the kit costs around $7 to make.  I included a box of graham crackers, heart shaped marshmallows, Hershey kisses, skewers to put the marshmallows on and our “campfire”, a jelled chafing fuel.
This is what my can looks like.  I had to go on a hunt for them at Walmart.  Every department sent me to another department, but they were finally found in the party aisle by all the balloons and party favors.  They came 2 to a package and were $3.88 for the package.  Best part is is that you can reuse it.  When you are done making your s’mores just close the lid, let it cool and then it is ready for next time.  We had to test this out before we mailed our kits to make sure it worked and my kids loved it!


I have a feeling we will be making these A LOT this winter!  Even my littlest enjoyed them!
I also have the printable that I put inside the box for you here.
Warning:  Use ONLY with Adult Supervision!
Do NOT leave flame unattended and place your “campfire” on a non flammable object!
(I am not responsible for any injuries!)


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