Help – I’m in need of De-Cluttering

That’s right I am in serious need right now with our upcoming 5 month Mission trip and our unknown future I have a little over 60 days to de-clutter this home where 7 people have been living for  the past 13 years saving, storing and collecting way to much stuff.  So, like most moms I went searching for tips on de-cluttering and would you believe it I came back to my own tips I posted two years ago  “The Five D’s Of De-Cluttering” an article I wrote for SC Johnson Home Economic website.

Do you need to begin the de-cluttering process in your home?  then continue reading below and head over to SC Johnson to read the full article and let’s get de-cluttering together.


“The Five D’s Of De-Cluttering”

In my home there are a few piles, overstuffed closets and disorganized drawers that are driving me crazy. Enough to make this mom go into an OCD (out of control de-cluttering) outrage.    This is when I begin tossing everything out – even things that a month from now I will wish I still owned.

So, before we get into an OCD outrage, let’s start by choosing an area of our home that is driving us crazy and begin with the five D’s of de-cluttering.

Click here to read my five D’s of de-cluttering now. Be sure to leave me a comment over at SC Johnson.

*Trisha Novotny writes for SC Johnson and receives financial compensation.


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