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VeggieTales: The Ultimate Christmas Collection, Christmas is Finally Here Book and The League of Incredible Vegetables DVD

The Ultimate Christmas Collection –  It’s A Veggie Christmas Marathon! Plug in the tree, light the fire and get ready for the VeggieTales Christmas Extravaganza! This 2-disc collection includes 6 Holiday Favorites + 25 Favorite Christmas Songs CD

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Tot Talk

Tot Talk’s double sided, educational placemats are durable, easy to clean, and long lasting.  Use dry erase markers, and wipe clean with wet paper towels, or wash with warm water and dish soap for bacteria free learning.

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The Rack

The RACK is an all in one gym developed by Elite Fitness Trainer, Owen McKibbin.  The secret to the RACK is its exclusive Zone Progression Training method that lets you burn fat and build muscle.

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EBOOST is a premium, vitamin-infused energy booster that does more.  It’s a mood boost, focus boost, immunity boost, natural boost and a no-crash boost. EBOOST uses real ingredients you’re familiar with including, Green Tea and Green Coffee Bean Extracts, Vitamin C, D, B-12 and Folic Acid.

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Decorating Your Life’s Vinyl

Vinyl is the hottest trend in do-it-yourself home decor…it’s easy to apply and completely removable! Our vinyl is designed to fit on a variety of common surfaces such as frames, pails, and so much more.

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ZnO Sun Wrap – This super soft, lightweight and breathable sun wrap is a must for the season of sun. It has a stylish shawl collar and it’s packable design makes it great for travel.  You can rest assured that you are totally protected since the cotton/viscose from bamboo/spandex blend is rated UPF 50+.

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Marware UpSurge Mini Speaker

The Marware UpSurge Mini Speaker delivers crisp, distortion-free sound from virtually any media player device. The UpSurge travels with you wherever you go, providing rechargeable, long-lasting audio enhancement in the palm of your hand.

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Wikki Stix Ornament Kit & Birthday Calendar Kit

Remember when toys were simple?  No bells and whistles, just your imagination.  It may be time to take a step back from the high tech toys and remember what playing is all about, creativity.  One toy has never lost sight of simplicity, Wikki Stix- the no-tech toy your kids will love!

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Green products have found their way into the hearts and minds of consumers and Waxelene has found its niche as an eco-friendly petroleum jelly substitute. It is a wonderful organic and natural skincare product that can fill in for the many uses people have found for petroleum jelly.
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Glee Gum – Make Your Own Chocolate Kit

Learn how to make delicious chocolate from scratch, right in your own kitchen. This sweet activity kit contains everything you need, including natural ingredients like Fair Trade cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

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AquaGear Water Filtration Bottles 

For the busy mom, it may seem easy to buy cases and cases of plastic water bottles and send the kids on their way, but this can get very expensive and if you don’t recycle, can take a real toll on the environment.

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Original Christmas Classics Blu-ray and Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol Blu-ray

The cute and family-friendly box set contains four of the most beloved holiday TV specials of all time, including the Rankin/Bass classics “Frosty the Snowman,” “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” and “Frosty Returns.”

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