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California Tan

Experience revolutionized sunless skincare and Color Technology™ only a trusted color expert can provide. Specially formulated to deliver professional, flawless results; leaving you in a state of golden perfection. California Tan Color Maximizer- Prepare for sunless application with this exceptional quick-dry gel formulation. California Tan’s Color Maximizer allows for dripless application and instant hydration to prime skin for darker color.

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Gallo En Fuego

Unique and perfect gift for any firefighters in your life and little boys who love anything firefighter. From Designer and Gallo en Fuego founder Lori Holliday: “Being married to a fireman has more than safety perks—it sparked my design inspiration too. When firehose is past its action-packed prime, it’s decommissioned with little chance for a second life. Gallo en Fuego takes those spent pieces and transforms them into ‘gear with a past’.”

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Hasbro’s Baby Alive Baby All Gone Doll

BABY ALIVE BABY ALL GONE doll  – It’s snack time for your BABY ALIVE BABY ALL GONE doll and she’s hungry for strawberry yogurt! Put the yogurt in the spoon and “feed” it to your adorable little baby to watch her “eat” it all up. If baby is still hungry after her snack, she’ll call for her mommy to feed her more with sayings like “Strawberries are yummy!” and “Where did it go?”

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Littlest Pet Shop Fairies

LITTLEST PET SHOP Fairies Two-Pack  – Girls will enjoy an enchanting new style of LITTLEST PET SHOP fun featuring whimsical pets and bold bright sparkling colors. Each LITTLEST PET SHOP Fairies Two-Pack Assortment includes one winged fairy pet and a smaller fairy friend. Girls can collect 10 different whimsical packs.

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My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle RC Car

MY LITTLE PONY TWILIGHT SPARKLE RC CAR  – TWILIGHT SPARKLE pony is at the wheel and ready for a fun-filled cruise on her way to a pony wedding in the MY LITTLE PONY TWILIGHT SPARKLE RC CAR. This stylish white coupe guarantees TWILIGHT SPARKLE will have a fashionable entrance to the royal wedding. The easy-to-use two button remote puts girls in control of the adventure, allowing them to drive the car forward and spin the car around.

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California Ripe Olives

Bite-sized and mild in flavor, California Ripe Olives are a holiday staple for a reason. They’re delicious on their own and so incredibly versatile in cooking that they can truly dress up any dish. With that said, California Ripe Olives are as casual or as elegant as you like, adding color, texture and flavor to any meal. From breakfast to dinner. January to December. And from everyday to gourmet.

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EatSmart Precision Tracker Bathroom Scale

The EatSmart Products Precision Tracker Bathroom Scale is the newest addition to our successful line of healthcare products. The Precision Tracker is a high-tech, “smart” scale that gives users the ability to track their weight over time. At each weigh in, the scale displays the current weight for up to 8 users, weight change from their last weigh in and total change from their starting weight.

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Kids Preferred – Puff the Magic Dragon Collection

Since the original Peter, Paul, and Mary song released almost 50 years ago, the cultural history of American childhood has included Puff, the Magic Dragon. Puff has become as iconic as Winnie the Pooh and Mother Goose. The legend of Puff is much-loved among children’s classics: it tells of the wonder of childhood, its flights of fancy and imagination, and the eventual leaving behind of youthful dreams as we grow up.

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The HeadCoolie is a therapeutic headband that delivers cooling relief and compression for natural treatment of fever, overheating and headaches, including migraines. It wraps comfortably around your head and provides a soothing, consistent pressure that gently chills and compresses blood vessels to help relieve discomfort and pain. The Head Coolie is hands-free and mess-free, giving you more freedom while relieving symptoms.

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Pottery Barn Kids ~ Animal Print Fleece Robes

Your wild ones will stay warm and cuddly all winter long in these plush fleece robes, designed after patterns found in the animal kingdom. Made of polyester fleece. Features two roomy pockets, a sash belt and a cozy hood. Available in Small (2T–3T), Medium (4–6), and Large (8–10).

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World Vision

Whether it’s for the tax deduction or the warm fuzzy feeling giving to others generates, most Americans plan to make a charitable donation over the holiday season. In fact, nearly 60 percent of Americans say they’ll donate between Thanksgiving and Christmas, according to a survey reported in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

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Wowopolis Game Giveaway – Sound It Found It 

Sound It! Found It!™ is a fun & completely new patent-pending “2-in-1” board game in which two compelling play patterns are brought together for one amazing game. Building off the popularity of the guessing game format, SIFI challenges players to guess the picture on the game card by listening to the (sometimes crazy) sounds that other players make.

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