The God Box

A friend emails you with a prayer request, a family member calls you asking for prayer, your child looks you in the eyes asking you to pray for a special request they have, you sit in your mom group hearing each mothers heart and need for prayer but what do we do with all these requests?  We say a little prayer and then what?

A few days a go my mom emailed me this idea of  “The God box” that she is going to begin and thought that I might want to do the same.  She was right, I am so excited to begin my 2013  God box, that I thought I can’t keep this idea for myself, I need to share it with other moms who need their own God Box.

What is a God Box? A solution  to all those prayer requests we are asked to pray for and once we pray them we are not exactly sure what to do with them.  Grab your self your own God Box ( any box will do) and begin jotting down those prayer requests on paper ( date them to)  and place them safely inside your God box. This is a concrete way of saying  I’m going to  “Let go and Let God,” We have done our part praying the request now it’s time to let it go and allow God to take over, turning our fears, worries, needs and blessings over to Him.

Now, when given a prayer request by others you can say with confidence “I’ll say a prayer for you then place it in my God box”  allowing God to take control by my letting go and letting him control. Be sure to place your own prayer request in your God box as well.

The idea came to me from my mom but the original God Box was owned by author Mary Lou Quinlan’s mother who not only had one God box but after she passed away Mary Lou discovered her mother had filled 10 boxes of scribbled notes for God with one key lesson in each box “The importance of letting go in order to live.”

Are  you ready to create your own God Box?  I am ready to let go and let God work in my life and the lives of those I promise to pray for in the coming year.

Not only can you start your own God box but why not begin The God Box habit with your kids.

Origin of The God Box:

After her mother passed away, Mary Lou went searching for the God Box. But rather than one box, Quinlan found 10 containers stuffed with hundreds of origami-like folded papers. Covering the last 20 years of her mother’s life, the notes contained a treasure of brief prayers for family, friends, and people she had never even met. Note by note, Quinlan discovered the greatest lesson her mother could impart: the importance of letting go in order to live. Poignantly written and beautifully designed, The God Box is a gift for every parent, every son or daughter, every person who trusts in the permanence of love and the power of prayer.

Be inspired by reading the full story .  You can purchase it from Amazon in both Hardcover and Kindle

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