One Dozen Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas eve can be just as exciting and filled with family memories as Christmas day when we celebrate with fun and traditions -here are a dozen fun ideas.

1. Hot Coco and Stories:  Create a fun hot chocolate bar serving hot coco and various stir ins (whip cream, marshmallows, chocolate chips, candy canes etc.) then gather around the table or Christmas tree and have mom or dad share the Christmas story .

2.  Happy Birthday Jesus Party:  Host a party celebrating Jesus with a birthday cake.

3.  One Gift:  Allow each person to open one gift which contains a new pair of PJ’s to wear to bed that night.

4. Slumber Party:  Allow all the children to sleep in one room creating a big sibling slumber party

5. Candle Light Communion:  Attend your local church Christmas eve candle light service or create your own around your tree. Dimming the lights, lighting candles, singing songs and sharing in communion.

6. Take -Out Meal : If you host the big Christmas meal and are overwhelmed with planning two meals then begin a tradition of take-out or pizza on Christmas eve.  Serve it pic-nick style around the tree for added fun.

7. Movie Night : Make it a tradition to gather as a family and watch a Christmas classic eating popcorn and snuggling together.

8. See The Lights:  Take a late night drive through town seeing all the beautifully decorated and lite homes

9. No Time:  Did you run out of time to bake cookies or build your ginger bread house this year?  Use Christmas eve as the time to celebrate a family tradition of baking, building gingerbread houses, visiting Santa, painting on your windows or even decorating your tree.

10. Night Before Kit: Create a fun night before kit for your children adding excitement and fun.  Click here for how to and ideas to fill your kit.

11. Santa: Don’t forget all the traditions of leaving cookies for Santa, placing the Santa key on your front door if you don’t have a chimney and be sure to leave reindeer food so Santa can feed his reindeer.

12. Boot Prints: Create evidence that Santa was in your home and checking on your kids with Santa Boot PrintsClick here to read how to do this fun tradition.

What is your Christmas eve tradition? leave us a comment sharing your ideas

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