Four Santa Traditions and FREE Printables

The countdown to Santa’s arrival is taking place.  In our home we have  four Santa traditions:

The first one is when Dad writes a letter from Santa to the kids he talks about their year as if he has been watching them.  Before the kids open their gifts they read the letter aloud for all to hear it is a fun re-cap of the year and the kids love reading about themselves.

This year you can begin this traditoin and use the  Free Santa stationary printable  for your Santa letter from Living Locurto.  Click here to get your free Santa stationary.

The second Santa tradition we have is each child  has a BIG Santa bag that is waiting by the tree for them on on Christmas morning and it contains the one gift Santa gives to them.  This saves on wrapping their Santa gift and the kids love their big red sacks.

Ready to tag your gifts from Santa ?  Use these FREE Santa Tags for the Santa gifts under your tree this year with this free printable from Living Locurto. Click here for free tags.

The third Santa tradition in our home is Santa Boot Prints.  We  Create evidence that Santa was in our home and checking on your kids with the use of carpet fresh and  a Santa Boot Print Click here to read how to do this fun tradition.

The fourth Santa tradition is the wrapping of our living room.  When the kids arrive in the morning they can no longer see the tree or gifts as it is wrapped up. They have to wait till after breakfast to break through the wrapping to discover what has been left under the tree  Click here to read full details on this fun tradition,







Click here for your FREE Santa Tag.

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