DIY Greeting Card Kit – Simple Gift For Giving

Maybe you are like me and you don’t like to spend $3-$5 on greeting cards and your kids love to make their own. However, often TIME and the making of a huge mess can keep us from being extremely creative. Several months ago the Family Fun magazine featured this simple idea of creating a DIY card making kit. Not only would save us Money but would also simplify our lives when it comes to needing a card.

This is a fun gift to create and give.  A gift that is needed and loved last all year long .

The Greeting Card Kit Binder –  an all around card making binder .

Thanks to Family Fun you can make your very own Greeting Card Kit.


Turn a humble three-ring binder into a one-stop card-making shop by adding home made supply pockets, a handy printable chart, and plenty of irresistible craft goodies. To jazz up the outside of the kit, have your kids glue cutout decorations to sheets of card stock, write a title with marker,then glue the sheets to the cover and spine or slip them into a view binder’s clear front and spine pockets.

You will need:

  • Envelopes, blank note cards, and craft supplies (see suggestions below)
  • Plastic Ziploc bags in sandwich, quart, and gallon sizes
  • Colored duct tape
  • Three-hole or single-hole punch
  • Three-ring binder (we used a 3-inch view binder from an office supply store)
  • Printable Thank-You Note Tracker or Birthday Calendar
    Thank You notes1 .Determine the quantity and size of bags that will best fit your supplies. We like a smaller size for stamps and labels, while the quart size is perfect for markers. Gallon-size bags may need to be cut down to fit.
    2 . For each pocket, sandwich the bag’s bottom edge between two lengths of duct tape, creating one inch of overhang.
    3 .Use the binder’s rings to mark the correct positions for holes, then punch the holes through the overhanging tape. Avoid puncturing the bag.
    4 . Affix a printable chart inside the front cover with tape or stickers.
    address book * glitter glue * return address labels * postage stamps * pencils* stamps and ink pad * eraser * sharpener * markers * scissors * hole punch.

Trisha’s Hint: These would be great Holiday Gifts, Baby Shower gifts and Birthday Gifts for your Girlfriends and family members.

Pictures and how to’s From: Family Fun Magazine

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