5 Tips To Simplify Your Christmas Shopping

The crowds, the lines, the stress can all begin to add up when you are trying to check off your shopping list during the Christmas season.  Here are 5 tips to simplify your Christmas shopping and avoid the chaos.

1. Shop Early – Once the kids are out the door for school, head out to do your shopping.  Hit the stores that open early first, there will be less people meaning shorter lines when checking out.

2. Shop Late – Many stores have extended shopping hours during the Christmas season.  Put your kids to bed and have hubby watch them while you do some late night shopping till you drop.  You will discover smaller crowds out late at night which means shorter lines and less people in store isles.

3. Shop Online – Stay home and do as much of your shopping online.  Remember to search for money saving and free shipping coupon codes to use prior to shopping online.  You can search in google for these codes by simply typing in for example Old Navy Coupon code or Old Navy free shipping code. and you will discover more ways to save money.

4. Make a list and check it twice- Don’t head out the door until you have made a list this will save you both time and money.  A list helps us to know exactly what  we are shopping for as well as what we are in need of.  Be sure to inventory your food pantry so you don’t spend extra money on items you already have for upcoming baking and cooking.

5. Do two things at once – When you are running your kids from activity to activity think about your Christmas shopping errands and fit them in while your kids are attending their activity or while you are driving by the places you need to do an errand at.

6. Team Work – Get your husband to help with the Christmas shopping and errands.  If he  drives by places you need to go  then ask him to stop in and take care of an erand for you.  If he has an extra few minutes at lunch time, before or after work ask if he could run and errand or two for you.

How do you simplify your Christmas shopping?

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