25 Days to Christmas: Family Oriented Ways to Focus on Christ ebook.

Christmas time can be such a fun time of year. Many families get to spend Saturdays in the snow playing. Others spend the cold winter nights indoors curled up with fun Christmas movies and hot chocolate.

But if we are not careful, like most families, the real meaning of Christmas can be quickly lost. We exchange stories of Jesus and the shepherds for stories of Santa and his reindeer. We spend more time putting up our Christmas tree and decorations than we do teaching our children why Christ came to Earth in the first place.

CHRISTmas can get lost among presents, decorations, and the fluff of the season. And in our increasingly consumer driven month of December, it’s getting even easier to lose track of the true meaning and we forget to teach our children!

A Biblical Marriage has just put together a 25 Days to Christmas: Family Oriented Ways to Focus on Christ  ebook filled with family fun ideas to place or focus on the real meaning of Chritsmas.

The eBook is filled  with 25 crafts, activities, and ideas to get the creative juices flowing in your household so you can encourage your entire family on to more Christ like attitudes and behaviors this Christmas season.

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