The Junk Must Go So The Dream Can Grow

By: Trisha Novotny

I am in the process of removing the junk from my home , the over flow of stuff from having five kids, he unneeded items ,the things we can live without it.  It is not always easy to remove this so called junk from my life and home when I was born a natural saver.  Some like to call it pack rats, others call it hoarders, I like to call it memory keeper.  Yes, I have my baby dolls and books  from my own childhood,  I have my children’s blankies, first shoes, pre-school toys and boxes of keepsakes,  then there are the multiple salad bowls, platters and  holiday decor I have not used in years.  How much does one really need to keep? the question  I keep asking myself over and over again.

Last week on Facebook a friend posted this quote ” The junk must go so the dream can grow” it hit home, it was exactly what I needed to read to remind me as I continue this journey of removing the junk from my home that in doing so I am freeing our family to move forward in the dreams ahead.

You might be saying what does removing the junk in our home have to do with your families dreams.  This past year we have been spending a lot of time praying, thinking, discussing and discovering  what dreams God wants to grow in our family.  To begin growing  the dream and moving forward  we have begun the process of getting ready – in order to be ready  we have to rid ourselves of the junk ( clutter, un-needed items) in our home.

It’s freeing to see the recycle bin filled with files I no longer need, the boxes filled to drop off at the local thrift store, the fun of listing items on our local buy/sell/ trade Facebook group and saying it is FREE come get it. Most of all it is freeing to know we are moving forward each day saying the Junk must go so the dream can grow.

How about you is there  junk in your home  holding back your dreams?



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