Neighborhood “Thankful Turkey” Tradition

Start a new tradition in your neighborhood by beginning a pass it on  “Thankful Turkey”  and  watch as the “Thankful Turkeys” begin to appear around your neighborhood.

The idea is to unanimously leave a note ad gift showing your neighbors that someone is thankful for them.

It’s fun and simple to begin this Thankful tradition:

1. Print out this fun poem and sign from Over The Big Moon:

The Thanksgiving Turkey has come this year,
To bring our neighborhood grateful cheer.
It seems we are so busy we can only say hi,
And before we know it the year has gone by.
We feel so blessed that you are our friend,
And hope our friendship will never end.
Now that you know we love living near you,
Share this Turkey with a neighbor friend too!

2. Decide on a simple thankful gift – Batch of cookies, bag of candy, coffee gift card –  just a simple gift.

3. Head over to a neighbors house that you want to show your Thankful to and leave your gift and printed poem/sign,   quietly ring the door bell and RUN.  You want it to be a surprise leaving them to wonder who is so Thankful for them.

4. Now watch as the Thankful Turkey travels through your neighborhood.

Click here to get your free printables from Over The Big Moon.


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