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Bring the heart of your child back to the foundation of Christmas which is centered on the King of Kings. This book gives you interactive, Christ-centered activities and traditions to strengthen your child’s Christian faith. Turn your child’s eyes towards what truly matters at Christmas; Jesus Christ. Filled with Christian values and traditions that will teach your child a God-centered worldview during the glorious Christmas season. Fun things to do for the whole family.

Here is what one mom who reviewed this book had to day:

How to Strengthen Your Child’s Faith at Christmas“, is one of the best books I have ever read on the topic of having a Christ centered Christmas.  It’s truly an amazing book that Jolene wrote with words that God placed on her heart. It’s broken down into eleven chapters that share various ways of how you can make the focus of your Christmas on Jesus. The chapters explore how you can take any aspect of Christmas and turn them into times of learning for your children about who our Savior truly is. The topics covered range from decorating the Christmas tree, the meaning of Advent, to the purpose of a nativity set. My personal favorite chapter was, “A Stocking for Jesus”.

If I could describe this book in one word it would be intentional. Jolene is very intentional about making sure that each chapter is directed towards a Christmas activity that puts Jesus as the center of it’s focus. This book definitely fulfills it’s purpose of teaching your children about who our Savior really is, and about building a spiritual foundation for them that will last a lifetime.

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