11 Ways to Serve Others!

It’s Thankful month which makes it perfect timing to teach our kids about a variety of opportunities they can serve others  easily and without a lot of pre-planning.

Tip Junkie created a great list of 11 ways to serve others such as write a note, do a random act of kindness etc.

You can print it out and place it in an inexpensive frame to place on your counter, desk or other area of your home that your kids can access.  They can use a dry erase marker to check off the service projects they have completed.

Some ideas to motivate your kids to serve are:

1. Make it a competition to see who can do the most service project during a week, weekend or a month …then reward with a movie night, ice cream sundae etc.

2.Use it as a Holiday count down to Thanksgiving or even Christmas.  Doing one service project each day.

Click here to get your FREE service project printable from Tip Junkie.



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