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What To Expect When Your Are Expecting DVD

Inspired by the perennial New York Times best selling book of the same name by Heidi Murkoff, What to Expect When You’re Expecting is a hilarious and genuine comedy about five couples whose intertwined lives are turned upside down by the challenges of impending parenthood.

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Fashion Angels Color Rox Hair Chox

Experiment with the haute trend of hair chalking with the new Color Rox Hair Chox kit. This kit includes 5 cool temporary hair “chox” colors in easy to grip holders so your hands don’t get messy. It’s easy to achieve an ultra-hip look that’s in all the fashion magazines at home: simply run the chox through your hair. Dye just the tips of your hair or create ultra-bold streaks. Don’t worry – the color will wash out with your next shampoo! There are also beads, hair rubber bands and a styling tool to help complete your  new hair ‘do.

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Peeled Snacks

Peeled Snacks, gently dried organic fruit snacks with no sugar or preservatives added, are great tasting healthy snacks perfect for both moms and kids. Now that back to school time is here, our snacks make a great addition to the school lunchbox.  Instead of fillingour kids bodies with the usual fare of potato chips, french fries and gummy snacks with all the added sugar and preservatives, moms will feel good about sending their kids off to school with a truly nourishing, natural source of vitamins and full of healthy fiber.

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Text Bands

A cool, brand-new way for kids to let friends know what’s on their mind. Text Bands allow kids to send text messages wristband to wristband, expressing themselves and spreading encouragement in a fun, new way. How? Kids enter up to 10 characters into the screen on the band and bump fists or shake hands to pass the message. The bands will light up and the messages will transfer from band to band.

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Orderly Chics

Emails don’t always go through. Text messages are far from foolproof and barely anybody listens to voicemail anymore. But good old fashioned notes are still an easy and effective way for families to tell each other things like “Don’t forget to take out the trash” or “Hey mom we’re out of milk!”.  We, at Orderly Chic, believe in the power of a great note, well organized to-do list and just some therapeutic doodling.

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Gimbal’s Fine Candies

Gimbal’s Fine Candies is a century old confectionary company dedicated to making delicious, allergen-free candy. Eight ingredients make up 90% of food allergies, and Gimbal’s products and facilities are proud to be entirely free of these ingredients. The seven different lines of candies are also certified Kosher Pareve, high in antioxidant vitamin C and made in the USA.

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Caboodles Adored Train Case

Caboodles Adored train case is perfect for mom or daughter! In a stylish plaid, it boasts 4 auto-open trays and locking latch. The inside is large enough to hold mom’s cosmetics, nail polish, or jewelry. While daughter can use it to store art supplies, crafting goodies, hair accessories, and any other item a trendy girl may need.  Whether kept in your bedroom, a locker, or overnight bag, the Adored train case is sure to help earn you a spot on the most stylish list.

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zAPPed Ipad Games

Man your battle stations… and your iPad! With the new BATTLESHIP zAPPed game by Hasbro zAPPed Gaming, players use their iPad screen as the playing surface when waging epic battles by executing strategic maneuvers, launching devastating missile attacks and initiating lethal airstrikes. Using proprietary technology, the iPad will automatically recognize which ship pawns are in play and when they are moved. Defend the earth from the alien attack and lead your fleet to intergalactic victory.

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Soft Gear Booster Seat

Soft Gear is proud to provide 100% American-made products that pass the highest safety standards and inspections, including CPSIA and ASTM compliance. Soft Gear products are latex-free, mold-resistant, easy-to-clean and dishwasher safe. The patented suction cups on the bottom and the hand holds on either side of the Soft Gear My Booster help prevent children from slipping and falling. Comfortable and durable, My Booster is also anti-microbial which prevents microorganisms from degrading the product or affecting the child’s health.

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 Balanced Life Planner

Julie designed this unique planning system to give you a personal coach within every page so that you can plan your days realistically and feel excited, rather than overwhelmed, when you wake up. It will help you stay on track all day long, so you get the right things done and feel satisfied when you go to sleep at night.  It will help you create days that are meaningful and rewarding to you and teach you how to connect each of your daily activities to your big-picture goals.

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