Week #1 – Christmas/Holiday Planner {12 weeks of Christmas}

Ready or not it’s time to begin thinking about the upcoming holidays – the to do, to buy and to go lists can quickly overwhelm our mom world but if we break it down into what I like to call my 12 weeks of Christmas not only will it become less overwhelming but we will also begin to enjoy the upcoming holidays with less stress and more time to enjoy. Every Monday for the next 1 2 weeks  I will  post that weeks to do for our 12 weeks of Christmas to lessen your stress and take Holiday Chaos to Holiday fun.  Click here to read my the full article on 12 weeks of Christmas

Let’s kick off with Week#1 getting ready and organized for the upcoming holidays with our Christmas/Holiday planner binder :


 Step #1 Create a Christmas planner by  purchasing:

One-inch or larger binder

Set of dividers

Pencil pouch to hold coupons and gift cards


Step#2 Then begin deciding what sections in your binder you will need.  Here are some ideas:

•    Monthly calendars to keep track of events and tasks to be done.

•    Events and activity information

•    Service projects to participate in during the season

•    Lists of to-do’s

•    Gift lists (past years  and present)

•    Holiday card list

•    Menus and holiday recipes

•    Cookie/baking recipes

•    Celebration/tradition ideas

•    Craft projects

•    Decorating ideas

•    Pictures of your home decorated

•    Coupons

  Create sections that work for your Christmas/holiday  planning


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