Toaster Fires Are For Real

“Fire mama fire”  were the words that came out of my then 2 year olds mouth has he passed me on the stairs.  I asked my older daughter who was sitting in her dads office on the computer if she was showing her brother pictures of fires and why was he saying “Fire mama fire” her response was ” No, and I have no idea” and then the blaring began of smoke alarms I knew it was real being there was no one in the kitchen cooking and creating a false alarm.  I yelled for everyone to get out and to grab the two younger ones as I headed to the kitchen to see what was going on.  Sure enough there was  a small fire in our walk in pantry.  The toaster was projecting flames.   I grabbed the fire extinguisher and began spraying out the fire , WHEW! we did not make the 6 o’clock news at least this time.  The fire was caused by my youngest placing Tostito tortilla chips into the toaster which caused a slight oil fire from the tortilla chips.

We were fortunate in many ways:

– That my youngest walked away from the fire

– Our smoke alarms were in working condition

– I had a fire extinguisher in the kitchen

– My kids were prepared in an emergency situation

That is our families fire story  we were fortunate – Being that October is Fire Safety Awareness Month and this week Fire Safety Awareness Week. I thought it would be a great idea to post some family fire safety tips and equipment suggestions:

4 Family Fire Safety Tips

Tip #1  – Have a family meeting to  discuss  fire safety with your kids, including what to do if a fire breaks out in your home. Have a plan.

Tip # 2 – On daylight savings day replace the batteries in your smoke alarms and test your smoke alarms.

Tip # 3- Walk through your home and make sure there are enough smoke alarms  making sure that if there were a fire   your family would be alerted in a timely manner. We all think that it won’t happen to us, but the truth is, it could.

If you are in need of replacing your old fire alarms or adding additional ones to your home there are many on the market these days but the ones I have come to trust and love are  smart enough to know if it is a real fire –  The new Iophic technology fire alarms know when it is a real fire or simply the mom just burning another piece of toast.  The  new Iophic  fire alarms do not go off unless the fire is real, We are replacing our entire home with the new new Iophic technology fire alarms just to be safe.

Why we choose IoPhic for our home – IoPhic is an ionization alarm containing Universal Smoke Sensing Technology. Fires can double in size in as little as 30 seconds, so IoPhic smart microprocessor technology responds quickly to give you the extra time to react and protect your family.

Unlike other smoke alarms, IoPhic smoke and fire alarms are ideal for every room in the home. According to the NFPA, smoke alarms should be installed in every sleeping room, outside each separate sleeping area, and on every level of the home.

Tip #4 – Place fire extinguishers in accessible places in yoru home ( I have one in my kitchen , one in the master bedroom closet and one in our bonus room)


For more information and where to buy  new Iophic technology fire alarms check out Universal Security Instruments website  they also have lots of great tips on home safety.

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Disclosure:  24/7 MOMS  was provided  with Iophic technology fire alarms  fro our entire house and compensated for this post. All the opinions  are mine



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