My Body Is In Mexico And So Is My Heart

I often say my heart is in Mexico – you see I fell in love with this country  when I was twelve years old.  No, not the resorts and beautiful vacation spots. I fell in love with the children that live in orphanages,  the people who live in card board homes and sleep on dirt floors, the ones that pray they will  wake up and have something to eat come sun rise. I fell in love with the dream of growing up and moving back to Mexico to teach those little people who lived in the orphanages, to feed those who were hungry, a dream of leaving my life in America to make a difference in the lives of those who had far less then I.  That is the Mexico my heart has been in.

As the years went by I went off to college, married my college sweet heart, gave birth to five children, bought a home, bought two cars and began living the American dream.  Sure My husband and I have served as Pastors from middle schoolers to young familes, serving in the ministry of MOPS, taking teams on missions trips, serving God each day with the desire to say YES when he said “GO”.  But my heart never left Mexico.
Fast forward to 2011 when I returned to Mexico with all five of my children for our first family house build with Homes of Hope.  Again my heart fell in love with this country and the dream that began at the age of twelve was once again revived only now  my children  began dreaming their own dreams  that one family can make a difference in our world. Over the last 18 months our family has talked, prayed and begun seeking a vision of how  one family can make a difference for God whether it be in Mexico, Uganda or someplace else that God places on our heart.  Our  desire is to be a Family that says “yes, we can go” , “Yes, we can serve”, “Yes,  we can dream big for God”.

We don’t know what that exactly means, nor do we know if it ever means full time missions  but what we do know is one family can make a difference, can make an impact, can serve together if we are willing to say “YES “when God says “Go or Do”.

This past summer two of our children returend to Mexico and spent part of their summer serving in many areas including Homes of Hope, serving at the medical clinic and  assisting in the local orphanages, once again arriving home with bigger dreams for what one family can do.

In August we held our annual family vision day where part of our time was spent dreaming of what our one family can do  to make a lasting impact – The Novotny family dream list has begun – nothing solidified yet but dreaming, praying, seeking  is in progress .  I look forward to sharing with you as we discover what One Family can do in hopes of inspiring  others that one family can and does make a difference  when they  are available to say “Yes”  to God.  No it does not mean you all need to pack your bags and get those passports, it means discovering what your families passions are and how you as a family can make a difference right in you own community, in your children schools, in your local church and well maybe it might mean a few of you board airplanes and fly across the world but that is not the point the point is each one of our families can make a difference.

But for today my body is  in Mexico – thats right early this morning I boarded a plane and flew to the country I love and  as I sit here typing looking out my window at the country my heart loves, the half built homes , the yards littered with garbage, the dirt roads while listening to the music in the language I love to hear  – my heart smiles as it has returned to the place it loves.  Over the next four days  we are staying at the YWAM Del Mar base  participating  in  Baja and Beyond where we will build a home for a family who sleeps on dirt floors and will now have a place to call their own, we will spend time learning more about the vision here in Mexico and yes my heart will once again burst with a love for this country – Lets hope my husband can get me to pack my suitcase and board that plane back to Seattle come Monday.










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