Affording Organic and Natural Products:

Prioritize and Avoid the Pesticides: Budget your organic produce purchases by referring to the “Dirty Dozen” list.  This printable, one-page guide will show you the produce highest in pesticides –thus helping you make the best choices for your money.


Buy Local – There’s an App for That:  Find local, in-season food, farmers’ markets and farms for the products you love. Discover and share seasonal recipes. Share your finds on Facebook. The App is Free!  Find it at


Find a “U-Pick” Farm Near You – and Learn to Can and/or Freeze Produce: is the place to find local farms where you can go and gather produce — it would make a great family field trip too! also has extensive information on food preservation.


Choose “Better for You” Food Purchases:  Spend less on empty-calorie foods, freeing up extra money in your budget for foods that will you will get more “mileage” out of.  I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s worth a try as you improve your overall eating habits.  Research some healthy snack options – make it fun and you’ll find new favorite foods.


Coupon for “Everything Else”:  When you can’t find coupons for organic and healthier food options, realize your couponing may be limited to the non-food items.  Concentrate on what you can save money on, and celebrate those successes.


Shop Around:  Find out where the best organic and healthy foods are found, for less.  Once you find your favorite stores, join them on social media, the internet, and via email so you know when the sales are.  “Good Deal Alerts” (sales and sales matched with available coupons) for several stores deals are listed on  They’ve also got direct links to printable coupons. 


Create a “Healthy Eating” Community:  Online and/or in-person, the benefits will be bartering opportunities, exchanges of good ideas and recipes, bulk buying opportunities, sharing of skills, new friends — the list goes on.  Explore the talents, interests and needs of your group to find ways each person can contribute.   Exchange “In Search of Lists” to help one another – multiply those “eyes and ears” out there that may save you time and money.


Where Can You Find Organic Food Coupons?


www.OrganicCoupons.comFind your favorite organic food products, and contact information for their manufacturers.   Websites may have printable coupons, special offers, or an invitation to join their promotions e-mail list.  You can also try placing a call or writing an email to them, and you may be rewarded with coupons. This website will help you find and save money on healthy, organic, natural products.  Recipes, money saving e-mails, and a whole community committed to “Live Healthy, Live Green, Live Well” can be found at   October is “Gluten Free Month” at – they’ll be featuring special coupons and offers all month.   Mambo Sprouts is also known for their coupon booklets with money-saving discounts, shipped to stores five times a year — find a store near you at




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