14 Favorite Thanksgiving Celebrations and Traditions

If I don’t plan and prepare it does not  happen in my house –  especially when it comes to family celebrations and traditions. As each Holiday approaches I begin thinking about which celebrations and traditions we will use for that particular year.  We are less then a month away from Thanksgiving,  so it is time to begin thinking , planning and preparing the celebrations we will use in during the Thankful Month of Thanksgiving.  Here is a list of my 14  favorite ways to celebrate Thanksgiving as a family.


#1 The Thankful Tree

Bring the outdoors in and create a Thankful Tree to be used during the month of November, allowing your family and friends to express in writing what they are thankful for and then hang on the Thankful tree to be read at a later date such as Thanksgiving dinner..

Simply Vintage created this festive one for a fall themed decor.. Click here for more details.




#2 Thankful Printable Chain

With Thanksgiving on our minds and looking for ideas on how to create fun Family memories teaching our kids about being Thankful we came across this FREE printable paper chain from Silver Box Creative.

Each strip has an empty space to write what you and your kids are grateful for. Print out enough and give each family member one each day leading up to Thanksgiving to begin creating a Thankful chain to then be read during the Thanksgiving meal.

You could even use these with our Thankful Family Activity countdown ideas – Click here for full details and instructions.

You can also print them on colored kraft paper to make a simple and decorative very thankful paper chain.

Click here to go to Silver Box Creative and print our your own paper chain to create a new family tradition.

#3 Count Your Blessings Wipe Off Board Tradition

With Thanksgiving just a little over three weeks away I’m beginning to think of ways to help my family take notice of the many blessings God has given our family.

I came across this simple Blessing Wipe off board that could be used year after year resulting in a new Thanksgiving tradition For full how to instructions go to Less -Than- Perfect Life Of Bliss by clicking here.

Create Your Own family list of things you are thankful and begin a new Thanksgiving tradition this year.



#4 Secret Bless You’s

Write down all the names of your family members, place them in a hat or box. Have each family member draw out one name of another family member, that is now their Secret person to bless . The next day they are to do something to show that person that they appreciate them, this is to be done secretly. This can be done with a note, creating a gift or card for them , do a chore for that person etc. This is teaching our children the habit of showing appreciation for others without getting credit for it.


#5 Family Table Cloth

I’m seriously thinking about taking up the art of needle pointing once again after seeing this Family Table cloth over on She Wears Many Hats blog.

What a fun tradition to begin at your annual Christmas dinner or other holiday event. Allowing each person to create their own art or write a note to create a keepsake for years to come.



#6 Popping FUN

it’s time for Popping Fun time for a game of door bell ditch or now known as ring and run

Play “ring and run” by delivering bottles of pop (soda) and microwave popcorn to your neighbors and friends. Use 24/7 MOS popcorn wrapper that says “We just had to pop over and say We are Thankful for you!!!”

Click here to download your Popcorn wrapper now.



#7 Thanksgiving Story Tradition With Free Printables

Begin a new tradition this Thanksgiving with these free Story cards and thankful cards to use during your Thanksgiving celebrations

The story of Thanksgiving is an important reminder to give thanks in all circumstances! Give Thanks is a tool for you to use to help share the Thanksgiving story with family and friends, as well as a creative way to share with each other the things that you’re most thankful for. This six-page down loadable resource includes full instructions and is FREE from iMOM.

Click here to get your free printables.



#8 Thanksgiving Printable Keepsake

Create a Thanksgiving keepsake with this Thankful Tree printable. Print out both the tree and leaves then have your family members write what they are Thankful for this year onto the leaves – place the leaves on to the tree and frame for a wonderful keepsake to bring out each Thanksgiving as a reminder to what your family has been Thankful for. This would also be a fun gift to give to Grandparents with all the grand kids writing down how they are Thankful for their Grandparents.

The Tree and leaves are a free printable from Plum Adorable and your can click here to download your copies now to print and frame in an 8×10 frame.



#9 Gratitude Jars

A Gratitude Jar is just a way to collect all the things you and your family are thankful for. It can be as easy as taking an old container laying around your house and cutting strips of plain paper to fill it with.

You can create a simple Gratitude Jar for a fun way to teach your kids about gratitude this Thanksgiving with the DIY Thanksgiving Gratitude Jar. For complete how to instructions click here.



 #10 Conversation Starters

Create fun conversation this Thanksgiving around the table withe these free printable Conversation starters.

Click here to download yours now from Family fun.



Click here to download your free conversation starters from Skip To My Lou.




#11 Gratitude Journals



This year we will begin a new tradition of writing in our Gratitude Journal . My creative friend Valerie gave me the perfect journal that she dolled up.

She purchased journals at a local craft store. and then glued a simple tag the front that reads

“Thanksgiving Gratitude Journal”. Inside she typed out instructions on Card stock and glued them to the first page.

The Instructions say: This Journal is for keeping our annual record of blessings and thanksgivngs we have enjoyed over the past year. May it serve as a reminder of all the great things God has done for each and every one of us. Just pass the journal around after dinner, or during dessert. Just make sure each and every guest shares their thanks. May God continue his blessings for years to come, until we meet again. Started Thanksgiving 2009.

Pick up an inexpensive simple journal and begin yours this year.




#12 Candy Corn Thanks

Place several pieces of candy corn at each persons table setting….and during the meal they have to say something they are thankful for each piece of candy corn they have


Tell the story of the first Thanksgiving. explain how the Pilgrims experienced terrible famines, and even after they learned to plant crops from their Native American neighbors, they never forgot their hardships. To remind ourselves of all that we have to be thankful for, put three kernels of corn at each place at the table. pass around a small basket, and everyone puts their kernels in it and shares three things they are thankful for.

#13 I am Thankful for you……


Cut out Leaves in fall colors and write on them ” I am THANKFUL to God for you because….” Have Family members write the ending of this sentence for every person that will be at dinner. Then through out the meal these can be read aloud.

You can get a leaf template here http://www.allkidsnetwork.com/coloring-pages/Fall.html

And to add to the last idea….cut out a big tree place it on the wall, and hang the Thankful leaves on it.


#14 What a Turkey

From: Parents Magazine

Ask each child to write what she’s thankful for on a paper feather, then stick it into this cute turkey centerpiece.

How to make it: Cut a 1-inch sliver off the bottom of a 9-inch polystyrene ball. Wrap sphere neatly in thick dark-brown yarn, covering surface completely; knot on bottom. Make a 4-inch ball from light-brown yarn and attach to body with a wooden craft stick. Create simple facial features using felt: white circles (approximately the size of a quarter, with 1/8-inch pom-poms for pupils) for eyes, yellow triangles for the beak, and long red felt teardrops as the wattle. Cut feather shapes from colored craft paper and bend in half lengthwise to create seam. Glue wooden craft stick to the bottom third of the feather and insert in a fan shape on turkey body.

Super Simple – Take time at the dinner table to go around and ask each guest to finish this sentence: “I am Thankful because….”

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