New FUN APP – Seallife Neon’s Turtle Toss

Seallife Neon’s Turtle Toss by Brandyl Inc. is an adorable family-friendly mobile game that everyone of all ages will enjoy.  Expect endless excitement on a tropical-themed adventure, where Neon-a rambunctious seal-must escape the clutches of the treacherous Skylord and his evil minions by dealing with the dangers each level throws at him. Seallife: Neon’s Turtle Toss also has an appealing storyline that provides ‘good-for-you’ entertainment. Kids will subtly learn about friendship, courage, and overcoming strife in a charming ‘coming of age’ story.
Easy-to-play prompts at the start of the game allow almost anyone to quickly jump in and have fun. In this riveting new game, all you need to do is tap and swipe. Tap the screen to get Neon moving across the beach and swipe the screen to toss turtle shells at Skylord’s crab minions, and hazardous rocks. Once Neon tosses a shell, he can use the power of his grandfather’s medallion to direct its path to also hit balloons and bubbles that float in the sky.  As player level increases, new power-ups and higher point-earning balloons will be unlocked. Words scroll across the screen to promote subtle, positive values within the game. Players will learn about friendship, encouragement, and heroism, all in one novel mobile game!  Seallife: Neon’s Turtle Toss is available for $1.99 for iPhone, iPad, Android mobile devices and Amazon Kindle Fire.
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