Million Moments App

Have you been searching for a fun way to organize all of those photos stored on your phone?  Sony Digital Network Applications’ (SDNA) newest app million moments for iOS and Android is pretty much your digital answer to scrapbooking. Both a photo viewing and sharing app, million moments allows you to easily create digital photo albums with simple and elegant magazine-like layouts. You are able to organize your photos at the touch of a screen by type of event or even sentiment.  What’s more is that the app has customizable privacy settings so you can stop yourself short of oversharing all of life’s precious moments, leaving the choice up to you as to whether you want to put your photos up on Facebook or not.

The app also gives you the ability to import photos from your smartphone media library and from Facebook, where the app’s facial recognition feature allows users to position and profile their pictures in the best possible way. Who wouldn’t love an app that lets you choose your best side?

You can download million moments for free from GooglePLAY or iTunes.
For more information about million moments, check out the SDNA website here.

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