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Texting, snapping pictures, calling their friends whenever and wherever they
are with the use of a cell phone is all part of a Teen/Tween life at least that is what my children claim.

If your children are anything like mine they have probably used those one liners ” I’m the only one in my entire school with out a cell phone” or ” I really need one for safety reasons” my children have used both of these lines and so far 3 out of 5 succeeded in acquiring cell phones during their teen years. The question remains will the two youngest succeed? Don’t worry they are already trying the one liners especially the one where they explain their older siblings received cell phones at their age as if I’m required to follow suit and whatever one child gets the other 4 get.

It’s true the two youngest cell-less children will soon enough be cell carrying Teens/Tweens as their lives continue to become more independent from us, busy with activities and attend schools in different cities the need seems to become more real.

With all the technology advances since our first child became a cell carrying teen and the many unsafe practices that have come with the latest abilities to text, take pictures and have unlimited calling minutes we need to discuss Cell phone safety wit our children prior to them becoming celll phone carriers:


Here are our TOP 9 Cell Phone Rules:

Be Ready – Take time to Talk to your kids about the dangers and consequences that can happen when cell phone are used inappropriately. Talk to them about t issues including sexting, texting while driving and the use of code words to hide conversations from adults.

Use of parental controls– When buying a phone ask about the availability of parental controls that are available – Such as what restrictions can you place on the phone? If your child can access the internet -can you block certain websites from being accessed? Etc.

Limit usage – When can your children talk and text on their cell phones – after school, after homework, till what time at night – will phones be allowed at the dinner table? Set the rules now so there is no question as to when it is ok to talk or text and when the phones need to be turned off.

Think before you send – Share with your kids the danger of sending written text or pictures that they would not want others to see. The rule should be to never text or send a photo that you would not want forwarded to your parents, all of your friends or even your teachers.

Privacy – Make it a rule that your children are not allowed to give out their cell phone number to just anyone or to publish it on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Screen calls – If an incoming call is unknown remind your kids to not answer it same rule applies for unknown text messages .

Pre-Program numbers Set each child’s phone up with pre-programmed emergency numbers for family members both living in the home and distant ones as well.

Night Time Charging – Texting, snapping pictures, calling their friends whenever and wherever they are with the use of a cell phone is all part of a Teen/Tween life at least that is what my children claim.

Damaged or lost Phones– Decide from the beginning what will the consequences be if phone is damaged or lost. Who will pay to replace it


There may be rules for the kids but there are benefits for us moms when our kids begin carrying cell phones

– We the mom can find them within minutes by calling them on their cell phones.

– They can check in with us when they are out with friends or at friends homes.

– We feel a sense of security knowing they have a phone if an emergency should take place

– We can inform them of any family plan changes, when we are running late to pick them up or need to get other information to them by calling or texting them.


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kajeet™ is a great cell phone solution for parents who, like me, want to stay connected, know where their kids are, and keep them safe online.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of kajeet. The opinions and text are all mine.

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