Fight The Back To School Illness

The school bell has rung and my kids have headed back into the GERM FEST – Yes, schools are the perfect breeding ground for germs.  We all know that our kids spend the day sharing germs while riding the school bus, sitting in their classrooms, playing on the playground , using the bathrooms and even while eating their lunches – soon the weather will turn from sunshine to cold and the germs begin to spread into flu, colds and many other illnesses that our children carry home to share with other family members.

What can we do about it?  We can not  completely prevent our kids from being exposed to  germs but we can begin by being proactive in one area – Keeping their oral care system germ free and prevent cross contamination with the use of The OraLineToothbrush Sanitizer.  Cross Contamination in their tooth brushes is a perfect way to pass typical school illness from one family member to the next creating a vicious cycle of illness in your home sometimes lasting for weeks.  This school year reduce your risk of illness and cross contamination of oral germs with the use of The OraLineToothbrush Sanitizer system .

The OraLineToothbrush Sanitizer is a great solution for not only sanitizing your toothbrush but eliminating 99% of the germs that cause the most common communicable diseases.

Plus your kids get to personalize their toothbrushes with their names and a fun image or their very own photo and the OraLine Toothbrush Sanitizer makes the perfect storage to keep your toothbrushes sanitized day in and day out.

The Oraline toothbrush sanitizer system is designed to treat up to 5 toothbrushes at once. The Ultraviolet light automatically comes on when door closes, and cycles for 10 minutes. Has built in fan for fast drying. It eliminates 99% of the germs that cause the most common communicable diseases, including the H1N1 virus, E.Coli, Staph, Salmonella. See through window allows you to identify child’s toothbrush if Names and Faces service has been used. Uses AC Adapter or Battery Power. Requires 4AA Batteries. Not included. 1 yr. Warranty.

DEAL: The OraLine Sanitizer Bundle includes

*UV Sanitizer

*12 Tubes of BBGUM Toothgel

*1 set of 6 Customized Toothbrushes

all For $59.95

Order Now: It’s simple to order you OraLine Toothbrush Sanitizer kit now:

  • Go to
  • Pick which stage brush your child needs
  • Pick a color
  • Upload a picture or use one of the images from their gallery
  • Add text
  • Enter shipping and payment info and confirm!

Bonus Gift With Purchase:

  • The first 100 people who order the Oraline kit will receive a fantastic gift bags – No additional charge! – Free!
  • The Maggie’s Clubs Gift Bags contain sample products from a variety of top brands that moms use everyday.


Check out this fun information on a New Way to Fight Germs with the OraLine Toothbrush Sanitizer kit

You can download this information if you’d like: New Way to Fight Germs


* This is a compensated campaign with Maggie’s Clubs. All thoughts shared are my personal opinions.

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