Did you help Caleb? it only takes 10 seconds

Yes, I (Trisha Novotny) entered the coolsculpting Healthy Breakfast Award with a Healthy and Yummy crepe recipe.

WHY? Because 12 years ago our family was blessed with a little boy – a perfect little boy to us even when many specialists have referred to him as a puzzle child due to his many learning disabilities and challenges. Today Caleb attends a private school part time and a learning center 3 hours a day to help him with his many delays both academically and physically. Now we have the opportunity to WIN an iPad in the Healthy Breakfast contest to help assist Caleb in keeping up on his school studies.

We NEED Your Help – Will you take 10 seconds and vote for our Healthy Crepe recipe giving us a chance WIN Caleb an iPad for his continued school studies.

Click here to vote on our Yummy Crepe recipe

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