Back to School Lesson For Mom

By: Lori Reno

24/7 MOMS Parenting Editor

Some parents cheer when the first day of school rolls around, some cry – I fall somewhere in between.  I love having my kids home and thoroughly enjoy the lack of schedules that comes with the summer break.  On the other hand, I am excited to see what each year brings for them – to watch them grow in their knowledge, faith and friendships!

This year was a big year for my two 7th graders, they started JUNIOR HIGH!  I can hardly believe I am typing that!  With this comes new friends, changing classes throughout the day, and opening lockers.  As soon as I dropped them off on the first day of school I started thinking about how their day would go.  I prayed for God to help them to not be nervous.  I wondered if they were able to get not only their regular locker, but also their PE locker open.  I thought about what class they were in, and if they made it to class on time.  I prayed for the teachers.  I wondered how they liked having lunch outside the classroom, and what classes they were most excited about.

Finally, it was time to pick them up – I could hardly wait to hear the stories that were going to pour out of them!!!  (Are you laughing at me yet?)  They hopped into the car and started to tell me a little about their day.  They got to blow something up in science, Noah took a few tries to get his locker open, a lost pencil, etc.  And then it took a turn for the the worse.  The kids got a bit touchy with each other.  Suddenly the mood shifted from happy and excited to grumpy and argumentative.  Unfortunately, I’m not just talking about the tweens either.  We got home and all walked into the house in a bit of a funk.  The kids went to their rooms.  I pouted and sulked.  I told them no first day of school celebratory dinner out!  This was not how I imagined the day!  Boo!  I took a walk to try and snap out of it.  Yes, the kids may have started it with typical sibling disagreements, but I am the adult here and I let it take me down!  I regrouped. I came home and hugged my kids, apologized for my mood and started over.  I am so thankful for “do overs”!  I am so thankful for the grace my family and friends extend to me.

It seems mom was the one learning lessons on the first day of school.  I learned to keep my expectations in check.  And I learned a lesson in grace.  I was reminded how much grace I require and that I need to be just as free in offering it to others.

All that said, I am SO EXCITED for the kids to come home from school today ;)!

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