A Housewives Dream

by Susan Fox

Dreams became reality last week when a team from Maid Brigade stopped by to clean my home. Our family is blessed to live in quite a large home. We enjoy having space for 3 kids, mom and dad, a home business with 2 employees who work here, and a grandpa who lives with us. The caveat is cleaning this beast. If your house was anything like mine over the summer you had lots of kids coming and going, sleepovers, bonfires, BBQ’s, home improvement projects (and I’m talking some major sawdust being drug all over), gardening and so on. And with the summer weather who wants to clean, mop or dust? Not me! Anyhow, things had just gotten a bit dirty to say the least. Our home was in need of a deep cleaning, especially since this former stay at home went back to work, albeit part time, last spring. My baseboards and everything else were suffering.

Maid Brigade to the rescue! A team of 3 arrived as I was heading off to work. When I came home I was just amazed, thrilled and inspired by the result of their efforts. I am feeling great about life right now, what a huge relief. My home is sparkling clean. Kitchen: spotless, bathrooms: impeccable, water spots and soap scum: vanished. All the windows, window sills, blinds, baseboards, woodwork and shelves: completely void of all dust! Beds made and spotless floors. I seriously feel like I live in a brand new home.

Now I know that regular, professional home cleaning is not in everyone’s budget but if you are lucky enough to have the option I would say that Maid Brigade does a fantastic job. I was telling my husband that if I could even have them come and clean 2 or 3 times a year, just to get that deep clean, I would be in heaven. I’m thinking, end of summer, just before the holidays, prior to or maybe after having company: what a treat that would be! I’m thinking that a professional cleaning from Maid Brigade would be an awesome birthday or Mother’s Day gift to have my husband give me, or it could be a great gift to give your mother, sister, aunt, friend or someone else special in your life. What about a friend who is a new mom? What a wonderful shower gift. How about someone you know who is sick or recovering from surgery. I think a gift certificate for cleaning could mean so much to them. If you are a working mom having some help with the housework end of life might just be a worthy investment, saving you time, energy and sanity! I’m thinking clean house = happy mom = equals happy family!

Well, thank you Maid Brigade for doing a terrific job on cleaning our home! It was much needed and truly appreciated.

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