6 Uses For Mason Jars

By: Trisha Novotny

24/7 MOMS Editor

We see them at garage sales, our cupboards are filled with empty ones, our moms filled them with fruit and veggies – Yes, I’m talking about Mason Jars.  Wondering if there are additional uses for those mason jars of yours?  we have 6  fun and creative ideas for you.

  #1 Cake in a Jar 

Make a fun gift to give or creative way to serve dessert at your next party 0 Bake individual cake right in a mason jar

Beehive and Birds Nests shares a full how to tutorial on baking cake in Mason jars in all sizes.

Click here for your free how to tutorial



# 2 Mason Jar Blender

Did you know you can actually use a mason jar as an extra blender container

Click here to see Wonder How To’s  instructions.







# 3 Buffet Party Jar

Add matching utensil holders to your next party buffet with Simply Designing ‘s painted mason jar lid.

Click here for your how to instructions for your next party.







# 4 Soap Dispenser

Add a little farmhouse decor to you bathroom or laundry room with this creative idea turning a mason jar into a soap dispenser from Cinsarah.

Click here to get full how to instructions.




#5 Pantry Storage

Mason jars  with chalk  painted lids are perfect for storing rice, pasta, beans, candy, and even your spices in. Life More Lovely  shares her idea of covering the jar lids using chalk paint to label the contents – making for an organized an fun pantry.

Click here for Life More Lovely how to instructions.




#6 Silverware Holder

Another fun way to serve up silverware, napkins and drinking glass.  Use a mason jar to hold individual sets of silverware, a napkin cloth or parer and then the mason jar become the drinking glass.

We found this idea over at A to Zebra Celebrations along with lots of other fun party ideas.



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