The Broken Road – One Moms Journey

Like many mothers Paige Walker was blessed with a beautiful daughter, and dealt with the everyday challenges and joy that motherhood brings. However her life was shattered when her daughter then only 8 years old was sexually abused at the hands of her best friend’s husband.

Many accounts have been documented of the atrocities inflicted upon our children but little is known or documented of the ripple effect it has on the mother and family as a whole and on so many levels. Registered nurse, and Kiwi mum Paige Walker finds out how sexual abuse does not discriminate between class, gender, race, ethnicity or religious backgrounds, and that most abusers are known to the family as she found out.

The Broken Road takes you on an emotional journey over a three year period from a mother’s perspective of her struggle to cope with the magnitude of her daughter’s disclosure, her trauma and the devastating aftermath that sexual abuse leaves behind. It moves through the pain and suffering of having to deal with the betrayal of her friends, the multidisciplinary agencies involved in such a case, the stress of going through the court system and giving witness against her so called friends.

She embarks on a path of revenge and retribution driven by anger and rage seeking justice for her daughter, but struggling to cope with the magnitude of it all she is diagnosed with PTSD  and Depression which leads to her prescription medication dependency of Benzodiazepine to cope with the pressures inflicted upon her and inevitably her mental health illness.

The Broken Road details her courageous fight for her daughter after social services wanted to remove her from her care and the inspiring account of her recovery. Finally it reflects on how broken lives can be rebuilt through love, compassion and the gift of forgiveness as she finally realised that acceptance and forgiveness of her daughter’s perpetrator was the way forward to overcome her demons and be able to have a life beyond her Broken Road.

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