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You quickly realize the expense of raising a family the first time your child outgrows a new wardrobe or set of toys. As a mom of five, it did not take me long to discover the benefits that swapping with neighbors, friends and family had on my bank account.

My first swapping experience was during my local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group meeting. A few moms brought items they no longer needed, which could be swapped for things they could use. It was during one of those meetings that we got the idea of hosting themed swaps, including a book swap, toy swap and clothing swap.

Have you ever hosted or attended a SWAP?  Click here to read more about my Swapping expeirence and my step by step how to host your own SWAPS over on the  SC Johnson Family Economics .

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  1. Hi Rachel,Welcome to Portland! It’s a great city and one that we’re often down visiting from Seattle. I hope you’re enoiyjng it (though our Northwest winters are a bit different)! Definitely drop a note and we’d be happy to host sometime if you’re in Seattle area.Kelly! I hope you’re pals are super inspired! It’s a great way to stock your freezer with some delicious food and lots of fun! Let us know how it turns out!

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