Our NY Trip to Learn More About Blogging with the Help from Snapfish

By Leslie

Trisha and I were so honored a couple of weeks ago when we got the news from Snapfish that they were going to sponsor our trip for us to attend BlogHer in NY.  Now for those of you that do not know what BlogHer is its a conference full of bloggers that blog about anything and everything you could possibly imagine.  It’s the largest blogging conference of the year.  A very expensive one too.  So we were thrilled.  But I think we were more thrilled that Snapfish (my favorite online printing company) was going to be sponsoring us.

Trisha and I and so many others that work for 24/7 Moms put so many hours into our site to make it a site that moms can come to and feel like they are coming to another home…. their second home.   We really aim on providing the best Tips, Inspirational quotes to lift your spirits, Marriage, Children, Finances, Gardening, Food, DIY Projects, etc, etc…  all to make us better moms.  We also have our weekly live webcast shows that have been a huge hit where you can just sit and relax at your computer while watching us.  You chat, learn, laugh, cry and win some of our fabulous giveaways.

Our Live Webcast Shows

So NY was a place for us to gather more information for us to become better at what we do.  Learn more.  They had classes about different topics to teach/improve your blogging skills.   LOTS of speakers which some included Martha Stewart, Katie Couric, Obama and Christy Turlington.  Mitt Romney couldn’t make it.   I didn’t realize this was going to be so political but then again…  votes.  Hmmm….

Katie Couric was great though as she really went into the social media aspect of it all.  She is having a new show coming out soon and will be having 3 bloggers as guest.  That is how important bloggers are now days.   Sure you still see people reading the paper, watching the TV.  But the majority of us are now reading what we are seeing on our computer.  Articles from Facebook, from our favorite sites, etc…   Someone has to write them!   The bloggers aka writers.

6,000+ Bloggers were at this event and that is very little to who is still out there in the world.  We spend many many hours every day behind our computer researching and writing and writing for YOU.   This trip was very exciting because it gets you out of your little comfort area in your home where you work and you all those people that you connect with online now you can talk face to face with.  But the most important thing about the trip was all the tools and information that we took home to use for our upcoming articles!

Snapfish is one of those companies that I will have no problem writing about because I use them and love the outcome every time.  So stay tuned for more articles on what Snapfish has to offer because if you haven’t use them yet or even if you have they have some great new product available.  You will love!!!

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“Snapfish did not require that I write this post or any of the language in this post.  All opinions and views expressed are my own. We thank them very much for kindness and wonderful staff that we have worked with.”

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