How To Check If Your Photos Have Been Pinned On Pinterest

It’s the craze pinning pictures and  creating boards.  The new word on the street is PINTEREST and even 24/7 MOMS has joined the craze we have already created 80 boards, pinned over 5900 pictures, ideas and tips had there are  3700 crazed pinners following us.  Are you one of them?

We would love to follow your boards and see your latest pins so come join the pinning fun and follow 24/7 MOMS on Pinterest by clicking here.

Now many of you may already be pinners who wonder if your photos have been pinned on Pinterest.  Its simple to find out

Copy the following line into your browser address bar:    and replace  with whatever URL you want to check. You should now see all your photos that have been pinned on Pinterest from that URL.

Happy Pinning!

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