Are You Romancing?

By: Amy Hannold

24/7 MOMS Frugal Living editor

Are You Romancing? You should be, as August is “National Romance Awareness Month”.  Following a blitz of June and July weddings, and a summer-long focus on the kids, August must be the “breather” and “refresher” we need to reconnect with our mates.   It’s yet to become a big, commercial holiday – and I hope it won’t for some time.  Let’s quietly, creatively and with imagination, focus on our sweetheart for just a few minutes.

Put Your Love in Writing:  I’m amazed what people will text these days.  Conversations usually held over coffee, lunch, or in the privacy of your own home now happen via text.  While it does require thought, spelling (well, sort of), and time – texting doesn’t tangibly express the value of your words to your loved one, the way pen and ink do.  Pick up a thoughtful card (or antique stationery) at the second-hand store for a unique and sentimental way to send your words.  I did say “send”, so put your message in the mail- postal mail – and your recipient will be delighted to receive something other than bills.  Create fun and encouraging lunchbox notes (or wherever greetings would be found) to brighten their day, or lead them to a larger surprise later on.

Be Complimentary:  Give the gift of observation and affirmation.  When you’re writing to your partner, tell them what makes you proud of them, commend them for a recent accomplishment, or record a series of memories from your time together.  Be sure to “scent” your letter with a favorite cologne or perfume, including a photo, bookmark, or other paper memento for them to carry with them.  Another idea is to journal together, sharing a book and writing back and forth to one another.  “Count the Ways” you love your mate, one day at a time, for 30 days.

Book Some Time with Your Lover:  Put down the devices and the “to-do” list to spend some time reading together.  Choose a book of poetry, jokes, or even the daily paper – as long as you’re giving each other your undivided attention, you’re creating an atmosphere for romance.  Purchased books can be boosted of their romance factor when you include personal notes or messages in the margins, as a surprise to your reading partner.

Multi-Task Down Memory Lane:  Nearly everyone has a box of photos waiting to be put into an album.  Enjoy sharing the memories and at the same time, create a book.  Journal your thoughts on each page, inspire each other’s creativity and when you’re done, you’ll have something to cherish for years to come.  Hopefully, you’ll discover a new, fun activity which will document your lives for generations.

Other Frugal, Romantic Ideas: 

Enjoy a board game, surprise your mate with twinkly stars (either glow in the dark start stuck to the ceiling or a string of Christmas lights), ask your mate to dance by candlelight to songs of “your era”, send them on a scavenger hunt (around the house to around the town), make plans for a night (or breakfast) out, take your mate on a “Destination Unknown” drive, or simply treat your mate to one of their “little luxuries” you know they enjoy.

However you celebrate “Romance Awareness Month”, realize that any attempt or activity that deepens your communication, creates a memory or grows the love between you is time and money well spent.





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