7 Back To School Bashes

 Think of a new school year as a holiday celebration and kick off the school year with one of our 7 Back To School Bash ideas.

Porch Breakfast – Host a neighborhood Back To School breakfast a few days prior to school beginning, to encourage kids to begin the early morning routine.

– Deliver invites several days ahead. Create them with a school theme.
– Provide easy finger foods, fruits, muffins, bagels, scones, and beverages.
-Decorate in a school theme


Bus Stop Breakfast – Host a simple breakfast at your school bus stop on the first day of school.
– Deliver flyer’s letting everyone know to come early to the bus stop for a breakfast treat.
– Set-up a buffet table of finger foods and beverages
– Decorate in school theme.
– Alternative idea is to serve it out of a wagon place all foods and to go drinks in the wagon.


Ice Cream Social – Host a fun Ice Cream social with a sundae bar after the first day of school or a few days prior.
– Send out Ice Cream or school related invites
– Provide Ice cream, toppings, whip cream, cherries and cones for a Make your own buffet.
– Decorate in fun ice cream décor or school theme.


SPA Fun – Create an at home spa with facials, manicures and pedicures or treat your daughters to a manicure or pedicure at the salon.


Special Dinner Celebration – Celebrate with a fun family dinner the night before school begins or on the first day of school.
– Serve your kids Favorite foods or go with a apple theme.
-Decorate with school theme
o Apple Candles
o Chalk Board Place mats
o Cupcakes decorated like apple or chalkboard
o Favors – fun erasers, pencils etc.


Late Night Kickball – Do you remember late Summer nights as a kid when you would play outside into the dark of night? I am a Cali girl who grew up playing endless hours of hide-n-seek, kickball, 4 square and any other game we could come up with to stay outdoors late into the night.

End the summer with by arranging a  family mid-night kickball game with other families and create memories with your kids they will never forget.   Field a safe parking lot or field that has lights – even a backyard will work for this bash.  Keep it a secret and allow your kids to go to bed only to wake them up for a Late night game of kickball.

You could also included late night Mc Donald’s run or have pizza delivered to the Kickball game.  Need to know the rules of Kickball – click here.


Cereal Bash –

What do kids love about Saturday mornings? Hanging out in their PJ’s, eating cereal and watching their favorite cartoons. Why not create a celebration using their favorite Saturday morning rituals.

A cereal party is perfect way  to celebrate going  back to school with your friends.

Begin your planning with these simple ideas:

Friends: Send out invitations. You can be as simple or creative as you would like from using cartoon characters on your invitations to using the single serve boxes of cereal with your party information attached to them. Be sure to include date, time, location, attire ( PJ’s) and to bring their favorite box of cereal.

Food: here are a few suggestions make it simple or extravagant as you choose:
Cereal ( the guest brought)
Baked goods – muffins, scones, donuts etc.
Create a topping bar including sliced fruits, chocolate chips, chopped nuts, raisins, mini marshmallows along with other toppings you choose.

Decorate: Use bright colors and big cereal bowls

Cartoons: Time the party around your kids favorite cartoons or have them on DVD to show during the party.

Games: – Guess the number of pieces of cereal in a jar ( pour cereal in a clear jar).
– What cereal is it – Pour small amounts of cereal in a muffin tin and have the kids guess what cereal it is without touching or tasting it. Be sure to number each muffin cup using a sticker or painters tape.
– Play a Trivia game using cereal facts from the Breakfast bowl. Click here to go there now.
– Give the “what kind of cereal quiz are you”. Click here for quiz.

Crafts: – make cereal necklaces using fruit loops.

Favors To Take Home: Give out cereal bowls and spoons along with a single serve box of cereal or provide Chinese boxes or zip bags to allow kids to create their own take home cereal mix to eat at home.

Have fun and enjoy your kids favorite Saturday morning rituals celebration style

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