Safe Summers with T-Mobile – For Keeping Kids Safe in a Mobile Environment

By Leslie Pleasants

I recently attended an event hosted by T-Mobile.  At first when I heard about it I thought ok, are they just going to try to have us promote their phones??  Which I would have no problem with since they are the only phone company I have been with and I LOVE them.  But then I got there and it was not like that at all.  The whole reason for the event was to teach us and remind us about phone safety with our children.  There are a couple things that T-Mobile has to offer as well to go along with the Safety Tips and I am going to share them all with you.  These are so great!  Best of all you don’t have to have a T-Mobile phone to use a lot of these but I am going to tell you that I have never had any issues with T-Mobile and in fact they have been super great with me.  I will be honest…  I pay $83.96 a month for unlimited usage on a 4G windows phone.  I also have insurance on it as well and texting.  Also includes no spam texts.  There…  I did my talk about T-Mobile!  Anyways, how can you not like them… their logo is pink!  🙂


While the kids are out and about enjoying summer brea, T-Mobile can help provide peace of mind for parents.  T-Mobile offers amazon 4G devices and services to help families easily stay connected.  Through a suite of custom mobile applications and services, T-Mobile helps let parents know where their kids are and that they’re using cell phones responsibly.

Here are more tips to help families enjoy a SAFE SUMMER!

  • ICE:  Save Important contact numbers into your child’s phone; add ICE  (In Case of Emergency) so responders or others can reach you if your child is in trouble, e.g. ICE Daddy Cell; ICE Home.
  • Check-in Text:  Encourage kids to send a quick, discreet text as an alternative to an “embarrassing” check-in call when they arrive or leave somewhere.
  • 911:  Teach your child how to call 911 on a cell phone in case of emergency, including how to place the call if the phone is locked.
  • Memorize:  Though numbers may be programmed into a child’s phone, teach them to memorize family/emergency contact phone numbers in case they get separated from their phone.
  • Current Photos:  Keep current photos of your kids on yur cell phone, updating each family member’s photo every six months.
  • Charge It:  Ensure your child understands cell phones must be turned on while away from home.  Make sure the phone is charged at night and buy a spare charger for his/her backpack.
  • Cell Phone-Ready?  Giving your child a cell phone can help increase safety.  If your child walks home alone, babysits, or participates in a after school activities, it may be the right time.  Summer is a great time for parents and children to practice having this new responsibility.
  • Family Contract:  Discuss the rules your child must obey to have a cell phone and create a family contract for responsible use with must dos like answering your calls/texts, keeping the phone on when away from home, not using it during school, not responding to unknown numbers, and more.

Here are some great family services that T-Mobile has to offer.  Click on them to find out more information about them!

Family Allowances

T-Mobile FamilyWhere

MobileLife Family Organizer

Lookout Mobile Security

Web Guard

Want to learn more about what T-Mobile can do to help keep your family, your smartphone and your stuff safe this summer??   Just go to


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