Review of “The Charge” by Brendon Burchard.

A very intriguing book and one of many tips for successful living is Brendon Burchards new book, “The Charge, Activating the 10 human drives that make you feel alive”.

As I read this book many of my own opinions about life were being reviewd in my mind as I read his opinion. Are you like that? As you read somebody’s work do you it compare it to yourself? I was constantly asking myself how do I respond to situations that are important and life changing. Am I living a life that is “Charged”? As he aptly describes a more focused life.

Basically, he breaks down people living in one of three categories. Here they are:

Caged: A person whose life is being lived through the past or the expectations of others. Your whole life is based on known equivalents of past experiences or an unhealthy fear of the expectations of others.

As I read this I thought of a friend who said his wife’s house was an expression of her personality and she was so worried how people thought of her as they visited their house. It was to a point of being unhealthy as everyone thought her house and decorations were nothing but beautiful and tasteful. The only person that was worried was herself as it was a constant discussion in their home.

Comfortable: This is someone who is typically done the things to get a level of comfort in their life. They have made some sacrifices and done things to get where they are. But, as life moves on they are always asking themselves is this what I was really after… am I living my life or somebody else’s? Oh, and the ultimate question of significance and is this why I was put her on this earth. To live, eat, sleep and die with just enough comfort to stop me from asking the higher questions of life.

Charged: The one living the charged life does not have all the answers but really is willing to ask more questions. Am I living an inspired life and inspiring others? Am I living to my potential or just accepting second best? Hard questions that typically only occur under extreme stress or times of pressure.

As I read the many traits of the “Charged” life it reminded me of an entrepreneur. He or she is typically someone who has to always be re-creating himself and asking questions as it pertains to their dream or business. They are forced to think about things that most people never think about. What Mr. Burchard would consider a “charged” person as one who is wants to stretch their ability, I was thinking about a small business owner who is just one day away from disaster or desire and that fear stretches them to do more than they could ever imagine.

The author goes into greater detail and gives the reader a healthy road to achieving the goals and ambitions in life of what is really important.

My ultimate takeaway… three points.

1. Quality and Intensity. Mr. Burchard claims that a person who is charged has a quality and intensity in their life that is above normal. I agree. My only counter was make sure that the quality and intensity are leading you where you want to go rather than away. Most people live a life of quiet desperation as the writer Henry David Thoreau aptly put it. A person being charged has learn to put that desperation in the right direction.

2. Find Your Source. As many people are used as examples in the book about being charged, the writer ultimately has to suggest that people are looking for a source in their life to get charged from. The source was more a spiritual one. He talks about a very successful author who has made millions on his books and teachings; and yet, was forced to seek the meaning of his own life. For myself that was a journey I made a long time ago and realized that life was only meaningful if connected to the God who created me. As I read this book I realized how many times I asked the questions charged people ask about themselves except for one difference. I asked the same questions not only to myself but to God as well during my times in prayer and devotion. This ultimately has been the anchor in my life outside of my family.

3. Use this book as a Toolbox. In my garage I have many tools and it is always comforting to know that when something breaks or needs to be replaced that if you are a do it yourselfer like me the right tool at the right time can make life a lot easier.

This book is like that. A great source of tools to help you in the goals and desires you have for your life. Although not a spiritual book it is one of great practical sense and gives the reader an ability to pick and choose areas where if used at the right time it could make life more charged and a lot easier.


A fun read. You can skim it pretty fast and pull out your favorite parts. My only criticism would be that I would have enjoyed more stories of people who lived charged lives. I seem to learn more as I read the lives of people who are working their way through the same issues we all do and how they made it. Good luck. If you go to Brendon’s website you can sign up for a chance to be apart of his “High Performance Academy” online seminar for free. A $1,000.00 value. He will also offer three really cool teaching segments for no fee at all. Go to:

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