Are You an HGTV Fan? Then You Will Love Their Newly Launched HGTV Shelf App!!

By Leslie Pleasants

HGTV (channel 38 in my household) is a very common station in my house.  You know what I love about HGTV?  Is that I can flip it to that channel and always know that something good is on.  I have learned so many home improvement ideas that I have put to good use too.  I completely flipped a home with my husband all from watching HGTV’s home improvement shows.  Getting ideas… watching and listening to their tips.  It’s just amazing what you can learn by watching someone do it.   I just told my husband to cut the wood and to do the plumbing but other then that ALL the information was from watching the shows.

Well, times have changed and HGTV has now launched a NEW app for your iPad or iPhone that will just amaze you.   HGTV Shelf brings inspiration, tips and DIY projects for your home and garden directly to your tablet in a rich, interactive format.  Explore topics such as closet and home organization, mixing and matching colors and easy weekend DIY projects.  Powered by the experts at,, and, each issue of HGTV Shelf offers dozens of photos, articles and videos to guide and inspire your next home project.

So what are you waiting for!  HGTV Shelf is now available through the App Store and can be downloaded at  for FREE.    They have something for everyone!  HGTV Shelf offers a mix of original content packages each month that cover the sites’ most popular topics. With three fresh issues available now for download, users can discover how to plan the ultimate DIY weekend with Fast Fixes Outdoors ($.99), organize any home withCloset Cases (free), and find the perfect hue withHGTV Color Guide (free).

My favorite is the one that says “How Much Time Do You Have? Beautify Your Outdoor Living Space With Easy-To-Tackle Projects That Can Be Done In A Weekend Or Less“.  Then it gives you your choice of how much time do you have…  Half Day, Full Day or Weekend.  Then from there they give you projects to go off of that take that much time.  Brilliant!  Now if it just came with a babysitter too then that would just be the ultimate app!!  🙂


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